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  • Chess

    10 big brain benefits of playing chess

    1. It can raise your IQ 2. It helps prevent Alzheimer's 3. It exercises both sides of the brain 4. It increases your creativity 5. It improves your memory 6. It increases problem-solving skills 7. It improves reading skills 8. It improves concentration 9. It grows dendrites 10. It teaches planning and foresight

  • Guitar

    The top-10 benefits of playing guitar

    1.Better intellectual capacity2. Discipline and patience3. Relieves stress 4. Sense of achievement 5. Communicate your emotions 6. Emanate your personal style 7. Teamwork 8. Physical workout 9. Bragging Rights 10. Fun!

  • Keyboard

    10 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

    1.Increases the capacity of your memory2.Refines your time management and organizational skills3.Boosts your team skills4. Teaches you perseverance5.Enhances your coordination6.Betters your mathematical ability7.Exposes you to cultural history 8.Sharpens your concentration9.Boosts your listening skills10.Teaches you discipline

  • Abacus

    ABACUS is already becoming a popular trend in countries like Japan and China, is fast catching up in India as well. A concept which has been around since centuries, the abacus is becoming a popular mental development tool once again. Neurologists say that we do not use our brain fully, we generally use the left part of the brain. But with abacus training we start using our right part also which ultimately results in superb activities.

  • Painting

    Painting is an individual activity even in the workshop or classroom; the student enters his/her own world, a world full of possibilities. Stimulus of the creative mind allow the student to positively isolate from reality, which provides a mental rest that lowers stress and generates relaxation and happiness feelings. This is especially significant for people with aggression or nervousness conditions.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is an ancient discipline that combines physical strength and flexibility. It also focuses heavily on breathing and reflective thoughts. Yoga is full of health benefits, but to really experience them you need to practice yoga often. It is claimed that yoga can be an excellent training for children and adolescents, both as a form of physical exercise and for breathing, focus, mindfulness, and stress relief.

  • Handwriting

    Benefits of Handwriting

    Writing by hand is more than just a way to communicate. The practice helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve idea composition and expression, and may aid fine motor-skill development. Some physicians say handwriting could be a good cognitive exercise working to keep their minds sharp as they age. Studies suggest there's real value in learning and maintaining this ancient skill, even as we increasingly communicate electronically via keyboards big and small.

  • Vedic Maths

    Advantages of Vedic Mathematics

    1.Vedic Math is simpler yet more interesting than regular Math.2.Vedic Mathematics enriches knowledge and understanding of Mathematics, which shows clear links and continuity between different branches of Mathematics.3.Vedic Mathematics methods come as a boon for all competitive exams (such as Management, Banking, Engineering etc.) as mathematic problems can be solved with amazing accuracy and speed.

  • Bharatanatyam

    Health Benefits of Dance Forms

    Bharatanatyam incorporates 3 main aspects of classical Indian dance- Nritta, Nritya and Natya. Nritta highlights movements of eyes, neck and limbs without conveying any meaning. Nritya emphasizes on artistic gestures and facial expressions giving Bhava (mood or sentiment) to the body movements. Natya signifies the visual expression of the meaning of dramatic or poetic composition being performed. A perfect combination of all three makes a majestic dance performance.